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34th Vattenfall Half-Marathon
March 30, 2014

Berlin, Germany. Waking up early on a sunny Sunday morning. Little breakfeast. My first half-marathon ahead. Arriving one hour prior to the start. Crowded. Runners all over … more or less ambitious. Me at the very end. Takes a while before I will cross the starting line. First seven kilometers on track, easy run. Looks like a time below two hours. It gets warm and my mouth dry. Passing by two water stations without taking a sip. Bad idea. Slowing down … 1:02 hours at kilometer 10. Next eleven kilometers are a challenge. Not feeling comfortable any longer … too warm.

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Fighting against the temperature of my body. Finally, glad to cross the finish line after 2:19 hours. Finisher. Yet, disappointed being such slow. Developing a light tonsillitis in the next few hours. First half-marathon lessons learnt. Next time better.

Tags: Half-Marathon, Running

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