Movie: 2010 Expedition Kilimanjaro, Tansania.
Expedition Kilimanjaro Tansania - 2010

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Vienna, Austria - 2011. One of the big museum cities in Europe. Taking a breath of the thinking of previous centuries. What does Europe mean?
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Surfaces - 2011. Artwork created during museum visits in Vienna, Austria and Frankfurt am Main, Germany. From nature and science to art.
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Umbra hominis - 2011. Umbra hominis - 2011. Artwork inspired by various installations in the Museum of Modern Art Frankfurt am Main (DE) dealing with light and shadow. Digital art.
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Mountaineering, Austria - 2011. A summer week in South Tyrol with Bergsport Zillertal - on top of Grosser Möseler (3478m), Breitnock (3212m), Hoher Weisszint (3371m), Hochfeiler (3510m) and Schrammacher (3410m).
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Kilimanjaro Expedition, Tansania - 2010. Challenging the highest mountain in Africa: exhausting, yet rewarding. With gratitude to a superb team which made those beautiful moments happen.
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Hiking Alps, Austria - 2010. Impressions from a hiking tour in late summer - a few days after the first snow had fallen at about 1300 amsl - making hiking especially enjoyable.
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Hot-Air Balloon Festival - 2010. On a bright and warm day of August several hot-air balloons prepared for a joint take off in Cologne, Germany. A beautiful blue sky awaited the passengers.
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Site Visit to Munich - 2010. On a short trip to Munich and a rather cloudy day I used an one hour stay for taking some snapshots of the city center of Munich.
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