Movie: 2011 Festival of Lights Berlin, Germany.
Festival of Lights Berlin - 2011

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Shanghai, China - 2014. Asia for beginners. What to expect? Looking forward to a new learning experience. How does transformation look like? Lost in translation?
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40th Berlin Marathon, Germany - 2013. Bright sunshine on a beautiful Sunday morning. Spectators along the mileage. Joyfulness. Fast pace. Close to the finish line. Looking into exhausted faces. "All heroes".
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Mera Peak Expedition, Nepal - 2013. Climbing up to an altitude of 6461 amsl. Celebrating a great adventure. Ups and downs both, geographically and physically. A truly magnificent experience.
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Annapurna Circuit, Nepal - 2013. The circuit is supposed to be one of the most beautiful and diversified trekking trails. New taste: catching a glimpse of Nepalese culture and lifestyle. Crossing Thorong La 5416 amsl.
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Mountaineering, Switzerland - 2012. Peaceful moments at the Jungfraujoch and on top of the Allalinhorn (4027 m). Snow under my feet, blue sky above. Altitude love.
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Atlanta, USA - 2012. Impressions from the Museum of Modern Art. Creativ interpretations of living style. Diverse perspectives.The other side. Civil rights movement.
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Hiking Alps, Austria - 2012. Impressions from a mountaineering training in the Austrian Stubai region. Conquering glaciers and rocks.
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Festival of Lights Berlin - 2011. Light art at major locations in Germany's capital. Floating with the crowd on a clear evening in autumn.
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