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Neuroscience Articles in Preparation
November 7th, 2009

Work in progress on the Neuroscience section of this website:

"Our brain is active as long as we live - awake or sleeping. 30 to 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) communicate with each other with different speed through one quadrillion (1015) contacts. The irreversible end of all brain activity results in brain death which is the legal definition of death.

Even at rest neuronal activity levels persist for each single neuron in form of spontaneous discharges of neurotransmitters, the 'currency' of nerve cell communication, summing up to an overall brain-specific and thus individual noise level. This noise level is time-dependent - and increasing age very likely leads to noise level changes. As a consequence the strength of brain activity results from the composition of the signal-to-noise ratios of various neuronal populations and from the speed of this composition." ... more

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